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Join the #1 Nextbot Chase server on Garry's Mod!

We've seen over 18,000 unique players! But what keeps them playing?

What we offer:

✔️A custom Nextbot Run gamemode that is round based and automatically spawns nextbots for you to run from! ✔️ An active, laid back community
✔️ An extensive pointshop with custom made powerups, playermodels, trails, hats and accessories ✔️ A map vote system that features carefully selected maps that work best with the gamemode

Nextbot Run (or Nextbot Chase) is a gamemode where you run from pngs (and possibly more!) that kill you if they touch you. Try to survive until the end of the round!
It's a lot more fun with other people, so feel free to check out the server!

Sound Fun? Check out the discord!

Type !claim in game to get 1000 FREE POINTS for voting for the server daily!

Curious what the server looks like? Check this out!

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